Lirik Lagu Lose My Mind – Sheryl Sheinafia (Feat A Nayaka)

Sheryl Sheinafia Album Jennovine
Sheryl Sheinafia Album Jennovine



Artis : Sheryl Sheinafia
Song : Lose My Mind (Feat A Nayaka)
Album : Jennovine
Composer : Sheryl Sheinafia & Tushar Apte

Label : Musica
Year : 2021
Track : 6
Disc Number : 1


Slow down lets take our time

Take time to be alright

We only got

We, we only got one life

To live its beautiful
i just want you to know

We only got..

We, we only got only life


To treasure
so you better
live like there’s no tomorrow

i just wanna loose my mind

get caught up in the feeling

we need to let go sometimes

no, we don’t need a reason

and if we’re looking for it we can just make it up

cos the time is never gonna stop chasinn us
I just gonna looose my mind

Get caught up in the feeling

cause theres no time to borrow

lets live like theres no tomorrow

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